We live to tell stories

We create films and music that reach the hearts and minds of mentors and decision makers who, like us, are committed to combatting isolation. We specialize in producing live screenplay events, educational workshops, and interactive movie camps for older adults. We also produce, direct, film, and edit promotional and corporate videos.

Our artistic consultants inspire and challenge us to explore innovative approaches to unlock the portals of emotional expression and imagination.

Our engineers implement high level analytics including machine learning and neural network analysis to ensure that your message is delivered effectively to the right channels.

We love to share your


Your products and services will sell as long as your target audience can connect with and contribute to your vision. Through our creative filming and coaching process, we will shine the spotlight on your company's values, ethics, culture and work environment to attract and retain the best talent.

We make sure every moment is captured with clarity and detail.

Mission Statement

Committed to reducing social isolation by 50% by 2030.

Corporate & Promotional videos

Our videos demonstrate the differentiating values of your company in 3 minutes or less in duration.

We use the latest technologies to identify the pain-points of your target persona.

Event filming for Non-Profits & Startups

Do you want your events filmed so you can sell them online, or use them to promote your company on social media?

We will work with you to ensure that your message remains clear and consistent from conception to final cut.

Movie Camps & Workshops

Brainstorm, create, and perform an original movie in this unique, interactive group event. We will stimulate our brains, ignite our passions, and awaken our imaginations.

Bring your friends and make new friends as we strive to strengthen our relationships and build our community.

How We Work

Project Analysis

Through a series of short interviews, we absorb your ideas, develop a plan and set the magic in motion.



Use our creative filming and coaching system. Focus your vision through the lens of Jackman Films.



Bring your ideas to life. Let us help you tell a story that can touch the hearts and open the minds of many generations.



Communicate your message with cutting-edge technology. We film the best shots from the right angles with a fresh perspective.



We engage your audience using live action visuals, animations, original music and soundscapes. Our engineers implement artificial intelligence algorithms that transport your vision to a larger customer base.

Video Production, Direction and Editing Consultation

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We conceptualize innovative ways to establish connections with caregivers and service providers.



We don't just create any film. We tell your stories in ways beyond your imagination!


Visionaries. Creative. Analytical.

team people

Scott Jackman

Creative warrior and Director of Filmmaking

Scott is a UCLA graduate, teaching artist, filmmaker, and creative ambassador for the elderly. Ideas are his lifeblood. Imagination is his playground. He strives to expand this playground far and wide to share his wonder and joy with all ages. Scott is effective at identifying and nurturing unique abilities and encouraging individuals to explore the possibilities. He believes in the power of creative expression to improve wellness, increase self esteem, empower leadership, build relationships, and open minds to new ways of serving the greater community. !

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Antonio Tito, PhD

Director of Marketing, Strategy and Operations

Studied molecular neuroscience to uncover the etiology of Parkinson's and Huntington's disease. He believes in the power of collaboration and the art of listening. Antonio is committed to defeating isolation and improving cognition in older adults.

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Jonathan Swanson

Music Director

Jonathan is a composer, recording engineer, and classically trained pianist who has performed around the world with other world-class musicians His original compositions range from classical and jazz to modern electronic and hip hop. His music has been featured on PBS, Showtime, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and in independent films. He believes music elevates and heals the soul. Jonathan wants to bring people together and give them joy through his music.

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Frances Kao

Movement and Yoga Specialist

Fran is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, combining the holistic fitness practices of athletics, dance, martial arts, and the healing arts. She knows that movement is medicine and that moving with people has a profound positive impact on well being. Her work focuses on the power of conscious, integrative living in support of personal, communal and worldwide growth and healing. Frances is committed in creating a safe, inclusive space in which people can connect with, and challenge their physical body as a pathway to an empowered integrated existence.


Driven. Scientific. Committed.

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Emmanuel Martinez, PhD

Analytics Consultant

Works with millions of data points creating networks and intelligent systems to detect the molecular underpinnings of cancer. He likens his expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence to finding needles in haystacks.

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Francisco Arevalo

Business and Tech Consultant

An entrepreneur by heart, designer by nature and geek by design, Francisco makes sure things get done in the most efficient, creative and decisive manner. As a full stack software developer and AI scientist, Francisco is committed in connecting our elders with technologies that can assist in their well being.

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Marco Morales, MD, MCTM, Postdoc II

Biotech and Business Consultant

Marco is a serial entrepreneur with a post doc in neurology and neurobiology. He is experienced in taking medical devices and drugs from conception through the regulatory compliance of the FDA, as well as managing clinical trials and supporting the entrepeneurial community. At Jackman Films, Marco is committed to connecting our elders with service providers in the medical and biotech communities.

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Jazide Rosales

Visual Art Consultant

Jazzy is a visual artist who works in many different mediums. Her work explores the perception of life and one's self in today's complicated world. She aspires to create visual tension and a symbolic language. Language barriers contribute to social isolation and Jazzy's art seeks to eliminate this hurdle to fight isolation and connect people from different backgrounds. Her work is a form of her own perception and pictorial writing, whereby words, ideas, gestures and emotions become fragments of the threads that are represented in her work. Her goal is to help raise awareness to things happening in the world through art and communication. She shows us that life is filled with a complex overlapping series of contradictory perceptions and patched together experiences that taken as a whole represent our unique story.


Committed in reducing isolation in our local communities.

Our filmmaking events have been proven to facilitate large groups, encourage collaboration/team work, integration of people and ideas, and improve communication of stories and messages.

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